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GP, Registrar and Student Housing

Ararat Medical Residential Precinct

In 2010 the Ararat Medical Centre and Deakin University formed a parternship with Perrady Property Group to develop a new housing estate with the view to provide modern, fully-furnished housing for new GP's and Registrars arriving in Ararat.

This development has been realised in early 2012 on a site, purposely chosen due to it's proximity to the Medical Centre, Town Centre and East Grampians Health Service.

The Ararat Medical Centre has the following housing options for GP's and Registrars.

  • 1 x Fully furnished three bedroom town-house.


Deakin University hhas the following housing options for Students.

  • 1 x Fully furnished two bedroom town-house.


The Project success...

We are very pleased with the success of this project and believe it is a great asset for the Medical Centre and the township in attracting and retaining GP's.

“We set out to create a medical precinct which would instantly create a Medical Neighbourhood that would bring our new residents, Doctors, Registrars and Medical Students together in one area of town,”. “Comming to a new town without family or friends can be quite daunting and the Medical Residential precinct creates that sense of community straight away.”

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